Approve Formulas and Products

Approve Formulas and Products

Approve Formulas and Products

A supervisor must submit all formulas and products for students.   Students will not be able to add a product or formula to their cart unless the item has been approved by a supervisor.

After a product or formula has been sent to the supervisor, it will show up in a section available to the supervisor only.   If there is more than one supervisor associated with the student, both supervisors will be able to see the product or formula, but only one supervisor needs to approve it.

Supervisor Section

When a product or formula is ready to be approved, it will be displayed in this section.   The supervisor can see the Student’s Name, Patient Name (if one is tagged to the item), and can also view the product and formula information, and/or download the infosheet.   The supervisor has an option to approve or reject the item.   If approved, the student will be able to add the item to the cart.  If rejected, the item will be moved to the rejected section on this page.  If approved, the item will be moved to the approved section on this page.   A supervisor can change their mind and approve items in the rejected section and also reject items that have already been approved.   Please note that if an item is approved, and then rejected, the item may have already been submitted by the student, and the supervisor should check to make sure the item was not processed.

The section or area to view approved items is available in the practitioner website in the left navigation. (provided this menu item has not been turned off).    The supervisor can also login to the admin area and ensure their practitioner account is active, and it will show a “Students” tab.    A supervisor will not receive a notification that an item has been submitted.

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